23rd February, 2021

Greetings from Abbot Robert

Ampleforth Abbey

I have at last arrived at Ampleforth and I am out of isolation, grateful that I did not have to self-isolate in a hotel. I am very happy to have this opportunity to introduce myself. The election as Abbot came as a complete shock. After living in Zimbabwe for 25 years among a people I loved and a country that I had grown to be proud to call home, I thought I was safe. God had other ideas. Now comes the task of learning new things, meeting new people and facing new challenges, but I welcome that because each one of those things will bring an encounter with God,

I begin this time of Abbot full of hope and filled with gratitude because I know that I will have the support of so many people. Be assured that you are all valued and remembered in prayer. The Ampleforth family is very large and our task is to be people full of faith. You know what that means? F-fantastic, A-adventure, I- in, T- trusting, H- him. To have faith is to take the risk to engage in a fantastic adventure in trusting Him. So, please join me in this adventure,

As Abbot I am here to listen, to share and to empower. Please help me to do that by praying for me that I bring each of us closer to God.

Abbot Robert Igo OSB