27th March, 2021

Full Online Retreat: Fish, Seeds & Prodigal Sons 24th - 27th May

Ampleforth Abbey

Monday 24th – Thursday 27th May
With Anji Dowson

The Gospels are an incredibly rich tapestry of visual language, describing events, miracles and parables.

When Christ speaks to the crowds, he is painting pictures in their imaginations, but his hearers will not all have the same images in mind. As we read and meditate on the Scriptures, we too see our own pictures as we visualise fishing, planting or forgiveness, as well as other special moments in the life of Christ.

Every artist - whether in paint, sculpture or stained glass - interprets biblical narrative in a unique way. Just as the Gospels inspire the artist, so by looking more deeply into their work, combined with Scripture readings, we can be led into prayer and meditation and brought evermore into our own visualisation of the Word of God.

The retreat begins at 4.30pm on Monday with the final session starting at 11.00am on Thursday
Maximum number 25
Suggested donation £45
Via Zoom

If you are interested you are invited to contact Yvonne, our bookings secretary, either by telephone at 01439 766486 on Tuesday and Friday mornings between 9am and 1pm, or by email at pastoral@ampleforth.org.uk.