9th May, 2018

First Sacraments

Confirmation Weekend

During term time, Ampleforth provides a home from home to boarders, with all of the comforts and care you would expect. But it also becomes their parish while they are here and we give our students the opportunity to prepare for and receive the sacraments.

On a beautiful weekend in April, 60 students were confirmed at the Abbey church. They had been preparing for the occasion for many months, with much of the work being done with our student catechists. As any parent will tell you, teenagers much prefer to listen to their peers than to adults and our confirmation candidates are no exception! They build a strong bond with their catechist and as a result their experience of confirmation is profound with both the confermandi and the catechists deepening their faith.

The confirmations were carried out by Fr Gabriel Everitt who reminded the candidates that the confirming was not being done by him but by ‘God the Holy Spirit, who is the love of God’.

The confirmation weekend was immediately followed up by another special occasion in the chapel at Gilling Castle. Three children at St Martin’s Ampleforth received their First Holy Communion during Sunday Mass. They had been prepared for the day by Fr John Fairhurst who asked the children plenty of tricky questions during the Mass to make sure they were well and truly ready!

What made the occasion even more special was that not only were brother and sister, Soraya and Sebastian making their First Holy Communion but that also their younger brother and sister, Ariana and Caspian were baptised on the same day. It was a truly memorable occasion for the whole family and symbolised how Ampleforth has such a profound impact on the spiritual lives of our students and their families.

Please keep all of our students and their families who received the sacraments in your prayers as they embark on new chapters of their life with God.


Confirmandi 21st & 22nd April 2018

First Communion 29th April 2018

Baptism 29th April 2018

Luke Allisstone

Soraya Crosse

Ariana Crosse

Erin Anglim

Sebastian Crosse

Caspian Crosse

Eleanor Bett

Sebastien Finlan


Ludovico Beveridge



Nerina Bolza



Ida Bridgeman



Mia Corrie



Eliza Corrie



Pierre de Castellane



Iris Dugué



Wilfred Durée



George Eyston



Louis Faujour



Francis Fitzalan Howard



Francesca Foxcroft



Philipp Frank



Constantin Graf von Moy



Edmund Hannah             



Oliver Hannah



Quintus Harmer



Flo Harrison       



Cecilia Hatschek



Jared Higgins     



Gabriel Hinarejos Alamo



Nilva Hinarejos Alamo



Clem Hirst



Felipe Horcajo Rubi



Ferdinand Hubbard



Theodore Hubbard



 Ifunanya Ifeanyi



Bobby James



William Johnson-Ferguson          



Charlotte Kirwan



Kit Langdale



Clemens Lensing-Wolff



Iacopo Lo Bue di Lemos



Frankie McGovern         



 Alex McKenna 



Gregor Metternich-Sandor



Joe Mitchell



Jorge Montero Núñez



Giles Murphy



Ezra Muyanja-Kyeyune



Eloise Myers



Guillaume Nikitits



Claudia Owles



Eduard Pallavicini



Katie Pickstone



Phoebe Richardson



Izzy Rogerson



Nils Rousselet



Fitzroy Schofield



Julius Schütt



Tom Swainston



Flora Swinburne



Ingrid Sykes



Alex Tubbs



Edward Vigne