26th April, 2020

Commandments of Confinement by Fr Chad


Fr Chad’s reflection at a recent Home Prayers included the following useful advice for us all at this unsettling time.

The commandments of confinement:

1.       don’t fret if things aren’t perfect - take the long view
2.       don’t keep checking the greener grass - flourish where you are planted

3.       don’t panic - remember that you are standing on solid ground
4.       don’t stamp your foot – tread lightly with a humble humour

5.       don’t be a martyr - freely offer your help
6.       don’t be too proud - muck in and get your hands dirty

7.       don’t force the pace - learn how to rest and relax together
8.       don’t try too hard – find some time just for yourself

9.       don’t focus on the faults of others  - celebrate what they have that you don’t
10.     don’t try to do this alone - pray for and with each other

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