The Ampleforth Pilgrimage to Lourdes was founded on Benedictine values by Fr Martin Haigh and Cardinal Basil Hume in 1953 to answer Our Lady’s call to give service to those who need extra care in Lourdes.  Since then, generations of Ampleforth monks and families have supported and developed the Pilgrimage, to join together in prayer, and procession in Lourdes as Our Lady, through St Bernadette, asked us to do.  Our Pilgrimage is also very much a time of joy and fun, of laughter and companionship.  So that through prayer and action combined we are a warm and welcoming pilgrimage of service to one another.

Each year about 400 of us travel on the Ampleforth Pilgrimage to Lourdes. The group includes Chaplains, Doctors, Nurses and Helpers who should normally be aged over 18, unless they are part of an organised school group.

This year the Pilgrimage will take place from 17th-24th July.

How to apply  

Please download the pdf below to apply for this year's Pilgrimage.

If you are interested in joining our Pilgrimage as a helper for the first time then please contact the Pilgrimage Director, Diana Williams

If you are a Doctor who would like to join us for the first time please contact Dr Hamilton Grantham

If you are a Nurse who would like to join us for the first time please contact our Chief Nurse, Jenny Micklem