14th June, 2019

Old Amplefordian Book - 'Serenity Song'

Serenity Song

We are thrilled to announce that OA Alex Cross (H94) will soon be releasing his debut novel entitled Serenity Song.

Since leaving Ampleforth College in 1994, Alex has taught History in and around York. However, over the last two years, he has been researching and writing this historical novel on the legacy of the Irish War of Independence. 

"Serenity Song is an historical thriller about secrets, religious sectarianism and the enduring legacy of the Anglo-Irish War. It is centred on a character tormented with guilt over the death of a friend who seeks redemption by trying to prove the innocence of his ancestor. However, in small-town Ireland, sometimes the past is better left buried...."

We are also pleased to announce that there will be a book signing in Waterstones, York on Saturday, 6th July from 12.00pm.

"From rural Ireland to the mean streets of modern-day Glasgow, memory, history and sectarianism are explored in this gripping and accomplished thriller. A remarkable debut." Owen Gibson, The Guardian

Serenity Song is available to pre-order from all good bookshops! You can also find out more at www.finndervan.com

If you are interested in attending the in-store book signing with Alex on the 6th of July, please click here for more information.