Marriages 2019

9th January

Simon Irvine-Fortescue (O07) to Clare Power

27th April

Oliver Micklem (O09) to Alexa Jackson

4th May

Julian Adamson (B04) to Rocio Romero Luna de Toledo

25th May

James Venning (B06) to Adrianne Knapp

15th June 2019

Luke Codrington (EW05) to Augusta Maier




Forthcoming Marriages: 

Sara Anderson (A09) to Christopher Pilgrim

Samuel Goddard (O03) to Josephine Kendall

Johnny Hulbert-Powell (O03) to Katie Richardson

Oliver Mankowski (B04) to Jessica Sharpe

Henry Rex (J07) to Olivia Parish

Beatrijs Brenninkmeijer (B12) to Archie Wilkinson

Caspar Erskine (O04) to Alice Thornton

Tom Spanner (W04) to Lucy Dickson

Tobias McAndrew (EW09) to Bethan Halliday-Coombe